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Find the Right Piano for You

There are different sizes of pianos on the market today. The selection can be complicated, even for the most experienced piano instructor, so knowing what you are looking for is essential. From the room size to the number of people you will be playing for, to your experience level, there are different pianos for different situations. For example, a grand piano can range from 61 inches to 88 inches from the keyboard to the highest key. Here is a simple guide to the most popular sizes of professional pianos:

L: The L piano size is the smallest of the three sizes. It is only 40 inches wide and up to 7.5 feet tall. This size is meant for residential settings, such as homes with smaller rooms, or for people that don’t have a lot of space in their house. The L piano is also commonly used in commercial settings where there is not a lot of space.

3/4: The next size is the 3/4 size. It is between the L & XL piano sizes and has a width of 55 inches to 63 inches and a height of up to 7.75 feet.

XL: The next is the XL size which is between the L & Lg piano sizes. The XL size has a width of 63 inches to 67 inches and a height of between 8 feet & 12 feet.

LG: The Lg piano size is the largest of the three sizes. This is between the L & GL size and has a width of between 68 inches to 76 inches and a height of between 12 feet & 15 feet.

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