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If you’ve been searching for the perfect piano instructor to mold your skills and make you a professional, then Lynda McManus Piano Company is the company you seek. Since 2013, we have been accommodating customers in the San Ramon, CA area, training their voice or fingers, so they can create beautiful melodies and harmonies to impress the family or progress in their careers!

How We Work

Our ten years of collective experience gives us an edge in the industry because we’re prepared for any level of competence when it comes to music, and we’d be more than happy to share our carefully thought-out process with anyone interested in becoming a professional. We speak to each customer at length at the start and hit a few notes on the piano or singing-wise to determine their competence level. After that, we will create a plan for the piano lessons or vocal coaching and start making magic!

Piano Instructor

What We Believe

An excellent piano instructor should be able to get you to the level of professionalism that you’ve always wanted, and we believe that’s our goal, so we stick to it. If we can help you flourish and become the singer or pianist you strive to be, then our job is complete! We believe in excellence, not only when it comes to our work ethic but also when it comes to what we offer our customers, so if you want excellence in all aspects – come to us!

Call (925) 743-3787 for expert piano lessons in the San Ramon, CA area! If you want you or your child to benefit from the skills of true professionals, remember our name –Lynda McManus Piano Company! We love making music and when we can help you do the same – create something beautiful that you’re proud of – we make that a top priority!

Services List

  • Vocal Coaching
  • Piano Tutoring
  • Piano Sales
  • Piano Rentals
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